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Dry January – episode 4: Winter mocktail, by Quentin 🍹

Mocktails, or non-alcoholic cocktails, are an easy replacement for cocktails, as long as you can muster up some creativity. To start our 4th week of dry january, our flavourist Quentin dressed up as a mixologist, and it was really good, so we share 😋

Our winter mocktail has a reddish-orange coat and floats a slice of blood orange, the ultimate winter fruit. Its blood orange juice base gives it sweet floral notes, enhanced by a ginger juice that spices up this sweetness with spicy, earthy notes. An infusion of juniper berries completes the profile with notes of gin, reminiscent of the feel of familiar alcoholic cocktails. Finally, timut berries enhance the whole with tropical fruit notes and an electrifying tingling sensation ⚡

What’s interesting about this mocktail is that it manages to recreate some of the sensations of alcohol, which we associate with celebration or conviviality, but without consuming it: the drink is gourmand, warm, round and electrifying 🍊

Feel free to try it at home, and leave us a comment 😉

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