Flavour Manager

Flavour Manager, a web-based solution for regulatory compliance of your products containing flavourings 🚀

Flavour Manager is born! 🎉🎊

Aimed at food and flavour manufacturers, Flavour Manager is a unique full-web solution and a major digital innovation in the field of food flavourings 💻

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With Flavour Manager, you don’t need to be a specialist or a lawyer to check the regulatory compliance of your flavourings and products containing flavourings! Designed by flavorists, this full-web solution compiles all EU regulations, performs the calculations for you and guides you towards full compliance ✔

In addition, you can manage your own flavour library in a modern and user-friendly web environment 🤩

If you are a flavourist, don’t miss our formulation console developed especially for flavourists! 👨🔬

The tool is available in English and French.

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