Your Flavourist and the plasma cutter

No, we’re not getting into plasma cutting 🤣 We were at our partner Paul’s brother Antoine’s house for the holidays.

A self-made man, Antoine is a jack of all trades. He knows how to work with wood, metal, he can make and build just about anything, from a jewel weighing a few grams to a complete house, not to mention fitting out a van or creating decorations for luxury boutiques on the Champs Élysées! 😮

This plasma cutter, Antoine built it with his own hands! And he very kindly offered us our logo, in metal, to hang in our lab in Paris! 🤩

And we were inspired by it. Finally, in metal cutting as in aroma creation or recipe development, you have to mobilise similar qualities: precision, agility, creativity…

And to make a living from your passion, like Antoine as an independent craftsman, like our partners as entrepreneurs in the taste and flavour industry, you need talent of course, but also determination, a taste for well-done work, the desire to satisfy your customers, adaptability and resilience in the face of failure.

And that’s what plasma cutting inspires us about! In the end, cutting metal and developing recipes are not so far apart! And that was worth a post, right? 😏