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Flavour training in Bangkok 🥭👨‍🏫

Back from a week of training given by Quentin in Bangkok, with ISIPCA and Foodinnopolis, for the participants of the Flavour Academy.

It was a very rewarding week, focusing on flavour formulation and learning about a wide range of aromatic raw materials.

It was also quite a culinary and olfactory journey, discovering new flavours. Thai gastronomy is undeniably rich and diverse! From the myrcenic notes of the unripe green mango to the aldehydic notes of coriander root, not forgetting the famous sulphur notes of durian, the senses are relentlessly stimulated through the day… and overnight!

Thank you to all the participants for their interest, curiosity and motivation.

And thanks to the organisers, who made this Thai experience unforgettable!