Your Flavourist celebrates its 4th birthday! ✨🥂

What better way to celebrate than a 4-way cider tasting day in the lab with our favourite colleagues Elizabeth and Clémence? 🤩

And why not, 4 stars for 4 achievements we are particularly proud of!!!

⭐ Our fully equipped and operational laboratory, in the heart of Paris, which allows us a great diversity of assignments for our F&B and flavour house clients.

⭐ Our baby Flavour Manager, a web-based solution for complete operational and regulatory management of flavours.

⭐ The numerous product development projects we have been entrusted with by young food startups, and the ultra positive feedback we regularly receive.

⭐ Our new “Your Flavourist” graphic identity and our new website which is beating traffic records.

📷: Flavoured cider tasting for one of our clients, with Elizabeth Bardonnaud and Clémence Bossé (respectively founder and new owner of Evidence Aromatic) and our two partners Quentin Reyt and Paul Rey-Fauvinet.