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QR Flavour Solutions becomes Your Flavourist! 🎇🎆

Goodbye QR Flavour Solutions. Hello Your Flavourist!

Your Flavourist is first and foremost you and our desire to be at Your service! We exist for you, our clients, our partners and our students.

Your Flavourist is the expertise of a consultant Flavourist. Being experts in taste is our job, nothing more, nothing less. It’s what we do, and we’re not afraid to say it: we do it well!

Your Flavourist is therefore an independent and expert consultant that you don’t need to hire.

Your Flavourist is also a new logo, reflecting our creativity and seriousness.

Your Flavourist is at last a new website that presents :

👉 our services: taste formulation, flavour language and evaluation, flavour creation, training and education, Flavour Manager

👉 our resources: our two partners Quentin and Paul and our own R&D lab in the heart of Paris

👉 our news: a blog in French and English

Finally, on a more personal note, Your Flavourist is the happiness of an adventure shared between our two partners, it is a passion that they are lucky enough to live. And we hope that this passion, in one way or another, can be passed on to you!